Sunday, November 20, 2016

Wipeout 3 - Pre-owned - Nintendo 3ds

Wipeout 3 - Pre-owned - Nintendo 3ds

Wipeout 3 - Pre-owned - Nintendo 3ds

PRICE : USD 9.99

PRICE PROMO : USD 4.99 (50% off)

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You must jump, duck, dive and dodge all of the crazy obstacles thrown in your way, or else you may just wipe out. However, in this game, the wipeouts may be the very best part. Get your friends and family in on the action and watch as they attempt to complete the challenging yet hilarious obstacle courses in Wipeout 3, and get in a good healthy laugh when they inevitably take a spill. Revisit old fan-favorite obstacles like the Sweeping Arms and the Big Balls in Wipeout 3 and then experience dozens of new wet, wild and wacky challenges in the 12 new winter- and summer-themed courses for hours of hysterical fun. Compete on the craziest courses ever to be featured on the hit show, including Deck the Balls and the Wild West. Put your agility, endurance and abilities to the test on more than 50 obstacles. Watch as each player attempts the over-the-top challenges with the fun and unique third-person camera angles that put you front and center for the best wipeout action. Best of all, the slow-motion replays let you watch the worst spills and falls again and again, until your sides ache with laughter. Get ready for some intense, body-contorting obstacles - it's time once again for Wipeout. 03f3b515c1c6d7fd33c1dc5bb2ce7441

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